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    How can Sue help your organisation?

    If these questions strike a chord, then you're in the right place...

    Organisational strategy

    Do you need help seeing the bigger picture?

    Do you need support in stepping away from the detail of today to plan for the future?

    Do you know where you want to go, and how to get there?

    What will make you fly and what will get in your way?



    Digital Strategy and Execution

    Can your digital footprint be improved?

    Are there hidden revenue opportunities?

    Do you have the right team to execute a digital plan?

    Are you tracking your digital progress and success?

    Marketing, Publishing and Communications

    Do you need help reaching your customer?

    Are you reaching your customers with the right content and on the right platforms?

    What stories are lying untold within your organisation?

    Do you need real journalism and publishing expertise?

    Do you need help with talking to journalists and getting your message across?

    Team building and staff development

    Do you need help with building your team's culture?

    Are your staff motivated to work together as a team?

    Are you frustrated by lack of progress?

    Do your managers know how to develop their staff?


  • About

    A little about Sue and her background...


    Digital, Culture Change, Communications, Media, Marketing

    Sue is an experienced senior leader, with expertise across media, digital, publishing, broadcasting, marketing, culture change, staff development, and strategy. She is customer and audience driven, with a constant focus on identifying areas for improving a business and its people. With a strong background in publishing and journalism, Sue excels in story-telling and content sharing.

    Sue has launched many market-leading web and mobile products, and steered multi-disciplined teams through organisational change. She has provided consultation for leaders in tech, media, public bodies, not-for-profit, health and government.


    Sue has mentored many staff through flourishing careers, from early-career positions to senior level roles, such as CTO, Vice President and Director.


    She is a former BBC journalist, and has reported from all over the world. She speaks French, and basic Italian.


  • Experience

    Sue has worked for start-ups, scale-ups, not-for-profits and corporate organisations...


    Technology strategy; Communications and Marketing Consulting

    Story discovery

    Comms plan

    Story and PR writing



    Senior executive:

    Digital product and publishing strategy

    Team growth and development

    Team leadership

    Online publishing management

    Business growth and diversification

    (Australia and New Zealand)



    Senior Journalism and production

    Senior reporter

    Senior Producer

    News Editor

    Community Producer

    Tigerspike (Digital and Mobile)

    Executive Management

    Business development

    Strategic digital and mobile product consultation

    Staff culture and development


    Open Genius

    (iMindMap and DropTask)

    Executive Leadership (CMO)

    Marketing and communications strategy

    Customer segmentation

    Team consolidation and leadership



    Loteri Cymru


    Executive leadership (CEO)

    Team growth and development

    Business launch and growth

    Partnership management

    Marketing strategy

    Byte Night Wales

    (Action for Children)

    Board Co-Chair (Wales)

    Strategic guidance for Byte Night

    Event planning


    Partnership creation


    Early Years Wales


    Strategic guidance

    Finance guidance (Member of Finance Committee)



  • What do people say about Sue?

    A few snippets of feedback...

    Chris Griffiths

    CEO, Open Genius

    "Sue is a great person who brings lots of energy to the table.


    She stepped in at a crucial time and helped us to form the marketing strategy and customer strategy for our business. Sue is very strong both strategically and creatively and is skilled at motivating and engaging teams to work well together.


    I would highly recommend Sue."

    Mark Oliver

    CEO, Inlight Digital Agency

    "I find Sue's commitment to organisational success to be infectious and she inspires clients and employees with her deep understanding of the digital landscape.


    Her leadership [across] daily operations was always exquisitely considered, and even more respectfully delivered. Sue is resilient, which manifests in her attitude to complex problem solving."

    Tony Gillies

    Editor in Chief, Australian Associated Press

    "[Sue has] shown all of us how to be better, to think differently, work smarter and to work together."

    Kath Hamilton

    Founder, loop+

    Former Director of Audience, Yahoo! AU/NZ

    "Sue brings the best out of every individual in her organisation and builds strong teams to execute beyond their number. She leads from the front, hands on whenever required. 


    Sue is able to make hard decisions and communicate these directly with the support of her organisation."

    Amrita Sidhu

    General Manager, Tigerspike Singapore

    "Sue is an exceptional commercial leader and has successfully developed a number of long term partnerships across a range of organisations and companies.


    As a colleague I also saw closely Sue's effectiveness in building great rapport with colleagues at all levels - stakeholder management, internal and external is definitely one of her biggest strengths!"

  • Working with Sue

    Sue's process begins with a conversation...


    Initial chit-chat

    Meet with Sue to discuss your challenges and goals. This can be as informal or formal as you require



    Sue designs a project to meet your needs



    Working with you, Sue delivers your project to deadline, using a variety of research and workshop techniques

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