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Keep Your Business Growing During Covid-19: Your Digital Essentials

We’re all taking our work online, and balancing maintaining an effective marketing strategy while trying to only provide the most essential information to our customers can be tricky. I’ve been working with my colleague Stacey Millard, to look at how we can stick to our strategies while also being aware of how we can support our customers and communicate sympathetically with our customers. Here are some of the strategies that stand out for us – add yours to the mix as well!

  • Master your Social Media – It’s something many of us plan to do, but don’t always get to doHaving a solid social media plan is particularly vital to maintaining a growing business. It’s likely you already have your own social media platforms set up and running, but consider looking into paid sources on social media to boost your growth. It’s both a cost-effective and productive way of connecting with your potential customers and other businesses. That said, we all need to alter the way we approach our social media strategies to make sure we’re only providing the most valuable information:
  1. Pick your platforms Due to the ways Covid-19 is affecting our work schedules, peak times to post have changed slightly as everyone navigates managing our social medias alongside trying to maintain a working from home pattern. Keep this in mind while you research the best times to post, the correct language to use when captioning your content and the types of audiences you can reach on each platform. Analysing the engagement you attract on these platforms will make the biggest difference when deciding the types of content that appeal to customers during this time – for example, customers will be less interested in hearing about topics that seem irrelevant right now such as attending events or working in teams. Focus on using language that acknowledges the difficulties we’re all facing, and how your services or products can benefit them during this time. 
  2. Use your connections – Connect with the people and businesses you already have a relationship with to boost your following. Share articles from these connections, comment and like their posts and this will ultimately lead to further engagement on your own posts. There will be plenty of articles being shared surrounding how we are all coping during this time and how to maintain our businesses – get involved with this discussion to drive traffic to your website and your social medias.Get your customers involved – Communicating with your customers and encouraging dialogue can lead to better relationships and the likelihood that they will also share your content. More than ever, people are using social media to look out for each other and provide support - LinkedIn users are offering their connecting services by putting people in touch with others that may be able to help them. Not only can you reach out and support others, but also build your own relationships with connections you may not often interact with. 
  3. Quality over Quantity – Of course, consistency is key when managing your social media. However, it’s important that what you post is meaningful and has a purpose – make sure the content you create is relevant and useful, share posts that will benefit your customers and the people you want to connect with and do lots of research to ensure your content is 100% accurate and up to date. Constant flooding of posts may mean your customers get fatigued with your content and they may begin to lose interest. 
  • Be Thoughtful with your Email Marketing – Email marketing is essential to reaching out to customers – but right now, it’s incredibly important that we make sure we’re only providing the most valuable information about our services and how we are working to support our customers. You need to show your customers that they are still a priority during this time – avoid sending emails that sound robotic and vague. Let your customers know how they can reach you with any concerns – perhaps include a feedback survey to find out how your customers would like you to adapt to the situation. 
  • Adapt and Perfect Your Website Your website should be the place where you include the most accurate, up to date information on how you are maintaining your business during this time. Customers will be expecting a section detailing the changes you have made to your business and how you deliver your services for the forseeable future. A lack of acknowledgement for how you will do this and how your customers will be effected could have a negative impact on sales and trust in your brand. Ensuring you have a professional, well-designed website is essential in encouraging people to continue wanting to support your business. Creating a plan will show you where to begin – take into account the demographic you want to reach to understand the language you should use to communicate any changes, the images that will appear most appealing and the types of content that will make the experience of visiting your website as easy and effective as possible. View your website from the perspective of your customers – What would you like to see as a customer? What would you change about your website that would make the experience better and more streamlined? Is there any information missing that could benefit your customers or reassure them?
  • Create a blog section  – You may have decided to recently set up a blog on your website to keep your customers updated – it’s important that you take the time to show your customers that you are aware of the latest developments and how these will affect how you deliver your products and services. Get researching and finding out what content people want to see and need to know during this time. If you don’t have a blog, consider the pros of introducing this feature to your website. It’s an easy, effective way of keeping your customers up to date as well as providing an outlet for you to post other content to keep your customers interested!

As we all begin to adapt to the changes and inevitable future of the way we carry out our work and promote our services, it’s important to remember that ultimately we should all be looking to support our customers, our employees and fellow growing businesses. Take the time to get to grips with implementing these digital changes into your marketing strategies and learn how you can both continue to build your business and support others through these challenging times. And don’t forget, if you need support, just get in touch for a confidential chat!

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