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Raising awareness on social media

Love it or hate it, it's worth exploring how social media can help your business.

In this guest post, Stacey Millard shares four ways to use your voice...

Social media exists as a powerful tool and support system for activists to continue fighting for the causes they believe in, giving them a space to bring that awareness to people across the world. I’m sure many of you have already been using your time to get educated and have used your personal platforms for good, inspired by the momentum of the Black Lives Matter movement. On the other hand, some of you may be unsure about how to begin using your business platforms in this way to reach your audience, and what types of content would provide the most effective support. In this article, I’m going to look at how we can use our business platforms, as well as our personal, to bring awareness to the causes we care about, as well as some additional ways to show our support.

Get educated

It’s essential that before beginning to share resources that you educate yourself on the cause at hand and the ways in which you can support it effectively. Do some research - there will always be plenty of information out there for you to collect and share with your audience, no matter what cause you’re championing. Read the articles, look up the history that you may have been unaware of and - most importantly - listen to those at the forefront of the cause you’re passionate about. Social media is also a particularly powerful tool for finding the most up to date and informative resources - but make sure you check the accuracy of the information itself to ensure you’re sharing the facts!


When choosing to use your voice on your platforms to bring awareness to a cause, make sure that you’re doing it for the right reasons and in the right way. It’s easy to tell when a company is using their voice to simply uplift themselves rather than to truly support others - be authentic and use your platform responsibly and consistently.

Share, share, share and take action!

As we have witnessed through the Black Lives Matter movement, millions of people are turning to their social media feeds to share their thoughts, actions and tools to help others support the cause. Take a look at your Discover pages on Twitter and Instagram and learn from the people who are supporting these causes. Share their posts to both educate your audience and encourage them to take action through signing the petitions, donating to fundraisers and using their own voices. Voicing your support is important, but sharing the ways in which you are actively making a difference can be a great motivation for people who may be unsure on how they can also get involved.

Find additional ways to support those at the forefront of the causes you care about

Seek out ways to get involved within your community, and share these ideas with your audience. If you work for or run a small business, you know how encouraging and helpful it can be to receive positive promotion - so help out those that you know will benefit from your voice, and share these brilliant businesses with your audience! If you have friends with interesting thoughts and ways to help, or know other businesses that are sharing thought-provoking, informative or positive content, give them a shout out.

If you’re passionate about a cause, don’t be afraid to share your voice through your business platforms - but make sure that you’re informed, authentic and actively trying to make a change!

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